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Gathering feedback from the ground by doing surveys on paper could be a pain to both the participants as well as the survey administrator. Imagine the time you need to waste on distributing, collating and transferring the data to excel for analysis.

As a value added service to our clients, we have developed an Employee Survey Platform (“EmoMeter”) which automates the whole process of getting feedback from your employees. What differentiate EmoMeter from other platforms are that the user has more control in how the questionnaires are structured and more analysis reports. To further assist our clients, we also provide in-depth gap analysis and recommendations based on the findings.

Act now to get factual data on your employee engagement, taking away the guesswork. You are only 4 steps away from getting valuable insights from the ground!

Step 1: Create your organisation structure

Step 2: Edit the questionnaire (for paid users only)

Step 3: Edit the recipient list

Step 4: Send out the survey to the recipients

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