Payroll Outsourcing

  • Setting up payroll system
  • Registration with government agencies (income tax, CPF)
  • Banking facility for payroll crediting setup and testing
  • Setting up payroll workflow
  • Administration of monthly payroll
  • NS, childcare & maternity leave claims
  • Income tax submission

Our payroll services include Payroll processing, Payroll software, Payroll implementation, Payroll audit – everything about Payroll. We know what we do well, and we know we could do it better than you do. With our experienced payroll professionals, you will be assured of our consistency in delivering quality results.

Our service delivery model is tailored to suit your organizational structure and requirement. No payroll is too big or too small for us. As long as it is payroll, we are confident to step up and deliver. In fact, we rather step in when you are small and grow with you. We share the right processes with you from the beginning and ensure compliance all the way. But if you are already a big organization, we’d love to help you to streamline your processes and simplify it. We automate manual processes by introducing self-service options and perhaps, some customization to link to your global HR and financial systems.

Leave the work to the payroll experts.