Why the office desk phone will soon be extinct

With the rise of remote working, many companies are exploring alternative communication options that provide more flexibility.

The office desk phone will soon be a thing of the past.

Although the traditional phone set continues to be featured in many organisations, workers are using it less and less with the rise of new communication technologies and platforms, as well as the remote work movement.

This is confirmed by a new report titled Business Communications in the Era of the Anywhere Worker by business communications provider Dialpad, where more than one-third of workers believe the equipment will indeed become less relevant in two to three years.

The report also found that both corporate and remote workers are increasingly working away from their desks, with 65% saying they already have a “desk phone optional” work environment.

Furthermore, many businesses are now adopting the “anywhere worker” model, and workers are working outside of the office more than before.

More than 80% of responding companies currently already have remote workers, with 67% indicating that employees are allowed to work from home.

Another 83% said their organisation will increase the reliance on a remote workforce in the next three to five years.

Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad, says that in light of these factors, many companies are now using cloud communication platforms and other mobile, flexible technologies.

“The anywhere worker movement is now evident in every segment of every industry. To enable these workers to connect and collaborate, high-performing companies are turning to productivity suites, such as Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365, and a pure-cloud communications strategy that abandons the desk phone. This significant trend will only accelerate over the next few years,” said Walker.

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